Permanent Stats Dice rolls are the same as D&D with 4d6 being the base role with only the highest three counting. These stats must be assigned but not necessarily in order

The relative levels of stats are as such
1-Newborn Human Baby 10-Normal Human Adult 20-Superhuman Capability

A heroic level of a trait would be 11-15

Strength STR- Measure of how physically strong a character is. This has to do with leaping, swinging weapons, bashing, and provides some natural armor in the form of speed

Endurance END- Measure of how much stress a character can withstand before being knocked unconscious or dying. Also measures recovery speed from poison or injury

Dexterity DEX- Measure of how accurate and skillful a character is. Also has to do with being able to dodge

Willpower WIL- Those with high willpower are often capable of making sacrifices necessary to incur favor with a divine being. Also strongly affects natural resistances

Intelligence INT- Measure of how capable a character is at learning new information. Those with high intelligence can very easily learn the art of Profane magic.

Derived Stats

Derived stats are the ‘raw’ values used inside the game during gameplay, they take numbers that can be achieved by rolling a 20-sided die and turn them into numbers with which a game can be played. Each stat will be followed by the value of an average human adult, that is a level one character with 10’s for all stats. This number will be denoted by AHA for Average Human Adult

Health HEL- END+(STR/2)+(.25LVLEND) Rounded Up: Health is the amount of damage a character can sustain before dying AHA: 18

Power POW- { [ (STR2)+(DEX)] / 10] + (.25LVL)} Rounded Down: Power is the Base damage done with a melee weapon. This is what is incurred if a hit happens no matter what AHA: 3

Speed SPD- (DEX Mod) + (STR Mod)/2 ROUND DOWN : Speed determines who acts first in combat it also derives the number of yards (spaces) you are allowed to move in a given amount of time AHA: 2

Reflex REF- 10+Speed : This is the base number that an attacker must roll in order to score a hit against you

Lore LOR- INT-10: Lore determines how much a character will know about a given encountered monster or acquired item AHA: 0

Mind Res MND- <will> Rounded Down: Reduces the chance that a character will be taken under the effects of a mental attack such as seeing illusions, being afraid, or mentally paralyzed. AHA:0

Element Res ELE- <end-10> Rounded Down: Determines how resistant the character is to the effects of the natural world. This includes freezing, burning, electrocution and others AHA:0

Poison Res PSN- <end-10> Rounded Down: Determines how quickly a poison will pass through the body and the relative strength of the immune system and its ability to metabolize diseases, poisons, and acid burns AHA:0

Break Res BRK- <end-10> Rounded Down: Determines the flexibility of joints and the overall dodging ability. Lowers the chance that a character will suffer broken bones, be hit critically, or be severely injured by a very physically strong enemy AHA:0

=. Types of Resistances
Mind Illusions, Charm, Possession, Fear
Element Burning, Freezing, Paralysis from Electricity
Poison Poisons, Acids, Disease
Break Heavy Blows, Critical Hits, Being knocked unconscious

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