Tag: Short Sword


  • Shortsword

    *Item Type:* Short Swords *Damage Type:* Slicing *Strength:* 3 *Gold Cost:* 15g _Encumberance: 1_ A fine starting weapon for any new adventurer. Just don't rely on it for too long [[Items|Back to Items]]

  • Dagger

    *Item Type:* Short Swords *Damage Type:* Slice OR Pierce *Strength:* 2 *Gold Cost:* 10g _Encumberance: 1_ A very basic weapon in every sense of the word. Can be used by any class and incurs very little penalty to spellcasters. Daggers are …

  • Moonlight Cutlass

    *Item Type:* Short Swords *Damage Type:* Slicing *Strength:* 2 *Gold Cost:* 300g _Encumberance: 0_ + Special Effects + * This cutlass will emit moonlight only visible to the wielder, friends of the wielder, and lycanthropes. * This …