The Path to Corruption
a Book is Found

The adventure begins as Emery identifies, through experimentation his helmet to be the Helm of Forceful Thoughts.

This is only the beginning the the party’s adventures, however, as they decide instead of heading north at Lysander’s suggestion to investigate the strange collaboration between the orcs and goblins in the norther woods

The party is set upon by several waves of goblins and wargs which are defeated through several creatively violent means.

After dispatching the couriers, the party encounters a strange gathering of an Orcish Shaman, his honor guards and three representatives of the Goblin Low Council. The Shaman is well versed in the ways of divine magic and uses his god’s locust powers to heal himself as well as reanimate the corpses of the fallen

After a dangerous battle, the party emerge victorious and in possession of The Pilgrim of the Flies, a book whose contents are only revealed after naming the author. Emery, after much deliberation, says “Beelzebub” at which point the book becomes legible to the party.

After taking notes and recopying the book into common language, the party exchange the book for entrance into Candlecliff.

It is there that the party rests up and learns powerful new Spells and Tactics and rests in preparation for their next daring adventure

The Cure is Killing
a disease is vanquished

Emery, Chalys, and Lysander decide that the best way to combat The Disease is to head up the river to its source. Along the way, they discover a hidden tributary that leads to a large octagonal tower.

They fight through the tower, slaying Orcs and Mind Jellies and even some Kappaguru before coming across the scourge of the disease.

In the final room of the tower, the trio find a large Iceweed which has been spreading its spore through the water supply.

After a long, arduous struggle, the trio emerge victorious and with wonderful loot.

They make their way out of the tower with the Moonlight Cutlass, Twilight Sabre, a wing├Ęd sword named Errolbrandt, a Warming Cloak, and an as-yet unidentified plate mail helmet as well as several hundred gold pieces.

They head to the town, celebrated and renowned as heroes. A statue of the trio is commissioned and the innkeeper gives them free lodgings for life. The bounty on the werewolf Lysander is removed and Oxidenta is declared a safe haven for him, should he ever require it.

The trio then decide their next move is to get into CandleCliff, however, they still need a book.

Lysander says that he knows the monastery in which he was trained is full of books

when asked the location of the monastery, Lysander replies, “North”...

A New Friend
Lysander joins the party

Upon returning to Oxidenta, Chalys and Emery went to the town square to look and see if any new quests had been posted. It was there they saw the following notice

“Reward: A werewolf has been spotted at the eastern curve, anyone who brings back its head will be the recipient of 500 gold pieces”

Concerned for the wellbeing of their friend, the duo set out to warn Lysander of the possible threat on his life.

On the way, they met up with a trio of adventuring rangers. Two humans and one Light Elf were encamped on the road. As it was midnight, Chalys snuck around them and continued on to Lysander’s encampment. Emery, however, decided to buy Lysander some time and chat with this adventuring party convincing them to allow him to join them in their quest to kill the werewolf.

They then decided to lay a trap for the rangers, bringing Lysander around back to the west just before midnight as Chalys snuck up from the east. Emery went off claiming to get firewood, but instead cemented plans with Chalys. This aroused suspicion, but Emery was able to talk his way out of it.

At midnight, Lysander transformed and battle was waged.

Just before Chalys struck the killing blow on the High Elf, he dropped to his knees pleading for mercy. He asked that he be allowed to take his own life instead of being killed in honorable combat by a Drow.

Emery asked Chalys to leave so as to not ignite a delicate diplomatic situation. It was here that Emery found out much useful information about the world, including the story of The Giants and that the Runed Disk is an artifact written in the language of the giants.

Since Emery did eventually compliment the Elf and leave him means by which he could kill himself, the Elf told Emery where he could find a valuable buried treasure

The party dug up the treasure to discover an amulet which Emery promptly put on not realizing that it was an Amulet of Animal Training. Emery was temporarily stupefied until Chalys removed it.

The party now waits in town, preparing their next move

The Story so Far

Chalys Sedartha and Emery Cymbrogi met up in the small backwoods town of Oxidenta to answer the cry for help of the villagers. A strange disease was plaguing the entire town except the town drunk. The disease also seemed focused on the children and affected the adult villagers much less.

After pondering what to do, the duo went to the town square message board and found a job listing posted by a woodcutter to clear the area of orcs. The reward was relatively small, but they decided that the experience alone would be worth it.

Along the road, they encountered a mysterious figure named Lysander. After talking to him for awhile, Chalys realized that he was a werewolf. An uneasy friendship was established with Lysander and the duo moved on.

They conquered the Orcish leader and several goblins including a Warg Rider and found a a strange rug, a strange powder later identified to be Flash Powder, and a small Runed Disk.

On the way back to Oxidenta, the pair attempted to enter CandleCliff but were refused entrance until they could find a donation of a book that the library did not already have.

Back in Oxidenta, the two discover the first victim of the disease. Chalys discovered that the water of the village was tainted with a strange, plantlike material, and Emery Cymbrogi talked to the villagers gathering their input. Most notably the innkeeper.

The pair’s current hypothesis is that the cause of the disease is a creature that lives somewhere upriver of the town.

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