A Werewolf with a Twisted Past


|Strength |12|

|Endurance |17|

|Dexterity |11|

|Willpower |20|

|Intelligence |08|

  • Health 36
  • Power 4
  • Speed 5
  • Lore -2
  • Mind Res 9
  • Element Res 12
  • Poison Res 8
  • Break Res 7

Lysander is a very strange werewolf. His mother was a full bitten werewolf and his father was a human. In fact, his father was a high priest of the temple of Arlnaut. The Arnaut are famous for their brutal hunting, execution, and overall treatment of werewolves. Lysander is the result of a twisted experiment conducted by his father in which he impregnated his mother in attempts to create a werewolf that was more human than wolf and as such would be the ultimate werewolf hunter if indoctrinated correctly.

Unfortunately for the experiment, but fortunately for Lysander, his mother escaped when the scryers of the Arlnaut failed to predict a solar eclipse which, of course, transforms all werewolves temporarily into half wolf-half man gods with supreme powers. His mother used her narrow window of opportunity to escape the temple dungeons in which she was being kept.

One winter night, when the full moon was out, Lysander was born. He was born in wolf form, and as such is more wolf than human in physicality and mentally, but because of his parentage, he is more human than wolf spiritually.

Outcasted by the werewolves for being an experiment of the Arlnaut, who they feared even now would still have control over the young man-wolf, Lysander struck out to seek the company of anyone who would take him in.

Lysander arrived at the Brotherhood of the Pack, a monastic order nestled high in the Cakridge Mountains when he was only twelve. He was quickly adopted by the order and became renowned for his obedience and loyalty as well as his mastery over the martial art known only as “Tun”.

His rise through the ranks was both expedited and limited by his werewolf blood. Still animalistic in mind, the leaders of the order feared that he would never be able to control his werewolf form fully, nor that he would be able to articulate the deep thoughts that are supposed to come with sagacity.

Lysander then decided to strike out on a pilgrimage, to find some holy artifact that would either cure him of his condition or help him control the symptoms


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