The Story so Far

Chalys Sedartha and Emery Cymbrogi met up in the small backwoods town of Oxidenta to answer the cry for help of the villagers. A strange disease was plaguing the entire town except the town drunk. The disease also seemed focused on the children and affected the adult villagers much less.

After pondering what to do, the duo went to the town square message board and found a job listing posted by a woodcutter to clear the area of orcs. The reward was relatively small, but they decided that the experience alone would be worth it.

Along the road, they encountered a mysterious figure named Lysander. After talking to him for awhile, Chalys realized that he was a werewolf. An uneasy friendship was established with Lysander and the duo moved on.

They conquered the Orcish leader and several goblins including a Warg Rider and found a a strange rug, a strange powder later identified to be Flash Powder, and a small Runed Disk.

On the way back to Oxidenta, the pair attempted to enter CandleCliff but were refused entrance until they could find a donation of a book that the library did not already have.

Back in Oxidenta, the two discover the first victim of the disease. Chalys discovered that the water of the village was tainted with a strange, plantlike material, and Emery Cymbrogi talked to the villagers gathering their input. Most notably the innkeeper.

The pair’s current hypothesis is that the cause of the disease is a creature that lives somewhere upriver of the town.


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