The Path to Corruption

a Book is Found

The adventure begins as Emery identifies, through experimentation his helmet to be the Helm of Forceful Thoughts.

This is only the beginning the the party’s adventures, however, as they decide instead of heading north at Lysander’s suggestion to investigate the strange collaboration between the orcs and goblins in the norther woods

The party is set upon by several waves of goblins and wargs which are defeated through several creatively violent means.

After dispatching the couriers, the party encounters a strange gathering of an Orcish Shaman, his honor guards and three representatives of the Goblin Low Council. The Shaman is well versed in the ways of divine magic and uses his god’s locust powers to heal himself as well as reanimate the corpses of the fallen

After a dangerous battle, the party emerge victorious and in possession of The Pilgrim of the Flies, a book whose contents are only revealed after naming the author. Emery, after much deliberation, says “Beelzebub” at which point the book becomes legible to the party.

After taking notes and recopying the book into common language, the party exchange the book for entrance into Candlecliff.

It is there that the party rests up and learns powerful new Spells and Tactics and rests in preparation for their next daring adventure


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