The Cure is Killing

a disease is vanquished

Emery, Chalys, and Lysander decide that the best way to combat The Disease is to head up the river to its source. Along the way, they discover a hidden tributary that leads to a large octagonal tower.

They fight through the tower, slaying Orcs and Mind Jellies and even some Kappaguru before coming across the scourge of the disease.

In the final room of the tower, the trio find a large Iceweed which has been spreading its spore through the water supply.

After a long, arduous struggle, the trio emerge victorious and with wonderful loot.

They make their way out of the tower with the Moonlight Cutlass, Twilight Sabre, a wing├Ęd sword named Errolbrandt, a Warming Cloak, and an as-yet unidentified plate mail helmet as well as several hundred gold pieces.

They head to the town, celebrated and renowned as heroes. A statue of the trio is commissioned and the innkeeper gives them free lodgings for life. The bounty on the werewolf Lysander is removed and Oxidenta is declared a safe haven for him, should he ever require it.

The trio then decide their next move is to get into CandleCliff, however, they still need a book.

Lysander says that he knows the monastery in which he was trained is full of books

when asked the location of the monastery, Lysander replies, “North”...


FreshlyMinted FreshlyMinted

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