A New Friend

Lysander joins the party

Upon returning to Oxidenta, Chalys and Emery went to the town square to look and see if any new quests had been posted. It was there they saw the following notice

“Reward: A werewolf has been spotted at the eastern curve, anyone who brings back its head will be the recipient of 500 gold pieces”

Concerned for the wellbeing of their friend, the duo set out to warn Lysander of the possible threat on his life.

On the way, they met up with a trio of adventuring rangers. Two humans and one Light Elf were encamped on the road. As it was midnight, Chalys snuck around them and continued on to Lysander’s encampment. Emery, however, decided to buy Lysander some time and chat with this adventuring party convincing them to allow him to join them in their quest to kill the werewolf.

They then decided to lay a trap for the rangers, bringing Lysander around back to the west just before midnight as Chalys snuck up from the east. Emery went off claiming to get firewood, but instead cemented plans with Chalys. This aroused suspicion, but Emery was able to talk his way out of it.

At midnight, Lysander transformed and battle was waged.

Just before Chalys struck the killing blow on the High Elf, he dropped to his knees pleading for mercy. He asked that he be allowed to take his own life instead of being killed in honorable combat by a Drow.

Emery asked Chalys to leave so as to not ignite a delicate diplomatic situation. It was here that Emery found out much useful information about the world, including the story of The Giants and that the Runed Disk is an artifact written in the language of the giants.

Since Emery did eventually compliment the Elf and leave him means by which he could kill himself, the Elf told Emery where he could find a valuable buried treasure

The party dug up the treasure to discover an amulet which Emery promptly put on not realizing that it was an Amulet of Animal Training. Emery was temporarily stupefied until Chalys removed it.

The party now waits in town, preparing their next move


FreshlyMinted FreshlyMinted

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