Welcome to Plastic

This is based on an entirely new system of dice that I call (big surprise) the Plastic System. This is because there are no real “rules” as far as a technical machinery goes. There are stats and derived stats, but most things are just taken into consideration and not number-crunched out. As you can expect, this makes for VERY fast gameplay. One might even say about the same speed as a video game.

The other great part about not being so tied down in rules is that players are tuly unlimited during character creation. Most of what people come up with is has already been done somewhere at some time, but never all together on the same continent.

This is amazingly fun, because it opens up the slot for amazing creativity. As the GM, I have no idea where this game is going to go, I just have a skeleton of a plotline, and come up with quests, and as the game goes on I start getting a better idea of who, exactly, is the villain.

The downside is, however, that certain dice rolls against the same enemy can have different effects, so I need players to know, that I am just taking everything into consideration once and if they don’t like the result, I am willing to barter and perhaps compromise, for time’s sake however, my word is the final word

This campaign takes place on a continent as yet unnamed because the people around the party do not know the name of the continent. They are a simple folk, unconcerned with geography and just call it “the place we live”

Players or those curious, check out the Wiki for more information.

The wiki for this game really is a hub of information, and I encourage anyone to check it out